Now that fall is here, barn owners have their work cut out for them. Winter is on its way, which means cold weather is ahead. It’s time to do some maintenance around your barn and get things in order. A fall checklist is the way to go!

Check off these fall chores before winter hits!

Double count those bales.

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to buy a supply of winter hay. Make sure you have enough bales to get your horses through the upcoming season.

Stock up on bedding (sawdust, shavings, pellets, etc…)!

Fall is a great time to gather supplies before the roads get icy and covered in snow. While you’re stockpiling hay, don’t forget your horse’s bedding. Sawdust and shavings can become scarce in winter.

Plan your dry lot.

You’ll want to protect your pastures by creating a sacrifice lot. This smaller paddock will allow your larger fields to rest and avoid damage over the winter. You should consider the footing in your dry lot, as fall and winter weather can turn things muddy quickly.

Spread your manure in the fall.

You can replenish your fields by spreading composted manure in early fall. It should be no thicker than 1/2″.

Check your barn for fire hazards.

Your lighting and outlets should be in working order. They should also be free of cobwebs. Additionally, make sure to keep flammable products away from your horses and hay.

Keep rodents away!

The cold weather will have mice looking for a home. Barn cats can help lower populations, but mousetraps are another good option for those without felines. Never use poison around your barn though!

Organize and properly store your tack and supplies.

Now’s your chance to go through and clean up your tack. Trust me, do it before winter hits! If you don’t have a heated tack room, then you’ll want to store expensive leather and certain liquids inside your house.

Are you ready for winter?