Fall is just around the corner, so make sure it doesn’t pass you by. You can have a ton of fun this season by dressing your horse up in the latest autumn colors. Saddle pads are the perfect opportunity to add some browns, tans, and oranges to your tack collection. You’ll be thinking of falling leaves, pumpkins, and cozy nights when you ride in these fall saddle pads.

Impact Gel Riverland White & Brown Saddle Pad, $264.99; NRS World.

Made from lighter and more breathable materials, this saddle pad uses the latest innovative technology and cut outs. The combination of orange, tan, blue, and brown give it a flashy autumn look.

Classic Equine SensorFlex Wool Top Pad$98.95; Rope For Less.

With its rich colors, this 100% New Zealand wool pad is a favorite. The heavy felt center absorbs impact and conforms to your horse’s back. It’s a long lasting saddle pad that’ll handle your roughest, toughest rides.

Impact Gel Flintlock Contour Saddle Pad w/ Felt, $209.75; Horse Saddle Shop

Get a more comfortable ride with this pad! The layers of gel within it reduce friction and equalize pressure points. The dark orange, browns, and black scream fall time.

Classic Equine ESP Contoured Pad, $206.99; NRS World

And for something a little brighter, the sky blue contrasts well with the orange and brown in this autumn pad. It’s an attention grabber! This saddle pad has a shape designed to contour to your horse’s topline. The felt on the bottom soaks up moisture and wicks it away.

Join the festivities and get yourself a fun saddle pad this season!