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In case you didn’t know, along with being a fabulous cowgirl, Fallon Taylor is a YouTube vlogger with Fallon Taylor vlogs! This week, she vlogged about getting back to practice after a month of not competing and revealed that she’ll be creating a behind the scenes video series about her 2020 rodeo journey.

“Super excited to tell you guys that later in the year we’re going to have an entire behind the scenes series,” says Fallon in her latest vlog. “It’s going to be a big, long journey through the road to Madison Square Garden, so make sure and stay tuned.”

Fallon’s social media so far in 2020 has revealed some potential struggles, but that isn’t going to stop her on hew journey to MSG for Rodeo New York.

“2020 has been shocking to say the least,” she continues. “Every time you’ve seen me on camera on a horse…that was the only time I was on a horse.”

Despite some setbacks this winter, she’s ready to go. Fallon’s behind the scenes video series will follow her prep for Rodeo New York, which will take place at Madison Square Garden this June.

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