Fallon Trailer

If you’re familiar with professional barrel racer, Fallon Taylor, then you know she likes bright colors, wild patterns, and crazy designs. Recently, she revealed her latest purchase- a new horse trailer! She didn’t disappoint. This trailer is very fitting of her. Check it out!

Fallon shares that she bought the trailer used, as she does most things. She likes her bargains! It’s a two-horse gooseneck. The interior isn’t anything special, but the outside will definitely stop you in your tracks. On the inside, she has a spot for clothing. There isn’t any sleeping accommodations, as Fallon and her crew usually stay in hotels with WIFI.

Without further ado, check out this masterpiece! You won’t believe your eyes. She definitely went all out.

What did you think? I can only imagine the attention she gets driving down the road! I’m sure all eyes are on this trailer.

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