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From racing legends to popular television stars, famous people and their horses have always been in the spotlight. There are also quite a few duos that deserve attention for the impact they’ve had on history. These top ten horses and their riders have all made a difference in one way or another. Here’s to the ones who shouldn’t be forgotten.

1. Robert E. Lee and Traveller

Traveller, a grey Saddlebred, is most noted for his strength, courage, and speed in the American Civil War.

2. Alexander the Great and Bucephalus

Legend says that Bucephalus was completely wild and no one could ride him. Alexander the Great, a military conqueror, was able to tame him. He carried him into many battles.

3. Miles Keogh and Comanche

After being wounded in battle by Native Americans, Comanche received his name. He was a mustang purchased by the United States Army Cavalry.

4. Roy Rogers and Trigger

Roy Rogers appeared in many American Western films with Trigger, a palomino horse. He become one of the most famous horses in film.

5. Napoleon and Marengo

Marengo is famous for carrying Napoleon from Paris to Moscow in 1812. That’s a 3,500 mile trip.

6. Alan Young and Mister Ed

An American TV show about a talking horse and his owner made these two celebrities.

7. General Philip H. Sheridan and Winchester

In 1862, Winchester was presented to General Sheridan. He rode him into nearly every battle after that.

8. Dr. William Key and Beautiful Jim Key

Jim was quite a talented horse. He could count change, nod to answer questions, and identify letters.

9. Emperor Caligula and Incitatus

This horse was a personal pet of an insane Roman leader.

10. Wilhelm Von Osten and Clever Hans

This horse could read, do math, and talk. Eventually, it was determined that he was reacting to physical cues.

There you have it. Talk about a blast from the past! How many of these people and their horses do you remember?