Fancy the Doxie, Courtesy of @frdoxies……

Fancy, the fashion icon doxie puts us all to shame with her trending style from designer inspired dresses to customized accessories, Fancy knows how to make a statement.

Photo Courtesy of @frdoxie

Fancy’s fashion journey began when her owner Mandy, who runs @frdoxies, a fashion enthusiast herself, started dressing her up in cute outfits just for fun. But as Fancy started to receive compliments from everyone she met, her owner realized that they had stumbled upon something special.

Fancy’s fashion sense is impeccable, and she always manages to stay on-trend. From the latest trends inspired by western fashion influencer, West Desperado, to putting her own spin on her style. Fancy can pull off any look with ease. Her wardrobe features everything from accessories, jewelry, matching sets with Mandy or custom pieces strictly to fit her style.

One thing that sets Fancy apart from other fashion-forward pups is that she loves to incorporate themes into her outfits. Whether it’s a holiday or a special event, Fancy always has an outfit to match and is always in the know for what is trending.

Fancy is not your average dachshund. With her impeccable fashion sense and her ability to make any outfit look fabulous, she has become a fashion icon for pets everywhere. Whether she’s strutting her stuff down a walkwalkpathpath or posing for an Instagram photo shoot, Fancy knows how to turn heads and make a statement.