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Finding a good farrier is so important. Once you do establish a connection with one, you’ll want to hold onto them! In order to do so, you’ll need to follow some farrier etiquette. These tips and tricks will keep them happy and coming back each time. No one wants to deal with a difficult client or horse.

How to Keep Your Farrier Coming Back

  • Your horse should be caught and ready to go before they arrive.
  • Their legs and hooves should be clean.
  • Your horse should stand patiently.
  • They should have no issues with their legs being touched.
  • The farrier should be able to pick up each hoof easily, and hold it for however long they need.
  • The horse should also be able to bring their legs and hooves forward.
  • It can even be helpful if your horse can pick up their hooves from the opposite side.
  • You should have their payment ready to go!

It’s really that simple! A well-behaved horse and being ready ahead of time will make all the difference in the world.

Here’s some things your horse should be able to do…

Everyone knows how important good feet are on a horse. You’re one step closer to that when you find a skilled farrier.