There are hundreds of horse breeds worldwide. A few of them stand out for their incredible speed. The world’s fastest horses are commonly seen in disciplines like flat racing, steeplechase, harness racing, and rodeo events. They were bred and trained to love running. It courses through their veins!

Four of the Fastest Horse Breeds

1. Thoroughbred

This breed is athletic and powerful. They have tall, slender bodies that allow them to excel in racing and other speed-related events. Commonly seen on the track, Thoroughbreds  are well-known and loved by the public. Every year hundreds cheer on as a select few try their luck for the Triple Crown.

They’re also active in jumping, eventing, and western events. Their hot temperaments can make them hard to handle at times.

2. Quarter Horse

Many western riders prefer Quarter Horses. This stocky and short breed is able to make quick stops and turns with ease. This kind of talent is needed in barrel racing, pole pending, cattle cutting, and other rodeo disciplines.

The breed is said to have traveled 55 mph within a quarter-mile distance, which is how they received the name- Quarter Horse.

3. Arabian

Combining beauty and speed, this horse breed is known for their endurance. As one of the fastest horses, Arabians originated in the Middle East and Egypt. They were prized for their speed in battles. Nowadays, these intelligent animals can be seen competing in all types of disciplines.

4. Standardbred

This incredible breed excels in the trot! You’ll often find Standardbreds in harness racing. They do so well in this sport because of their strong shoulders and hindquarters. It’s commonly noted how friendly their temperament is, as well.

There’s no denying how much speed some of these horses have! You can learn more about the fastest breed at ‘5 Facts About Thoroughbred Horses That You Never Knew‘.