Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you ever struggle finding the perfect gift or something to do with Dad on his special day, here are a list of ideas you can do to celebrate him, including our favorite last-minute gifts that we know he’ll appreciate. Plus, who doesn’t love a good holiday discount when you check out;)

Gifts He Will Love

Hooey Brands has curated the best Father’s Day deals that are easy to find what best fits perfect for Dad. Hooey’s accessories of cologne and travel kits are not only something dad will use for quite some time, but also appreciate the thought behind the gift.

Father’s Day is a perfect example to get something awesome that Dad can use during summertime. Yeti Coolers has a selection of items from coolers, tumblers, and other accessories to match his personality. Plus, who doesn’t love these “legendary gifts for legendary fathers.”

Our all-time favorite sunglasses continue to get better and better. Bex has been a dad’s go-to when headed out the door. What better way to start his own collection than getting him a pair of new sunnies to fit his vibe?! Run, don’t walk to their website to see the different styles they offer!

New boot goofin’… Who ever said that a guy can’t have enough boots, right ladies? Durango Boots are a lifesaver for dad, especially when you can almost see the soles of his boots begging for retirement. Get him some an awesome new pair he’ll enjoy forever!

Montana Silversmiths has been there for all of our important events, and Father’s Day is another holiday they really pay ode to. You are guaranteed to find something to match your dad’s style and adds some sentiment to his gift. Between the belt buckles, money clips, cuffs, etc. these are all customizable as well!

And of course, check out some small businesses you know that can really customize and add sentiment to your gift.

Last Minute Ways to Celebrate:

  • Ball Game tickets
  • Day out on the water
  • Camping in the mountains
  • Hiking/Fishing
  • Taking him to a new movie
  • Personalized gifts
  • Washing his truck (major brownie points here!)

Father’s Day is something big to celebrate! Make sure to spend time and think of something he likes and will enjoy that really speaks to who he is. Honestly, you can never go wrong with a written personalized card, but to add a little more to his day, these ideas/gifts are something that wont break your bank and are a token to celebrating his day.