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The famous horse stories that stole your heart now have their own Breyer horse models. Children and adults can get cozy and read their favorite novels with a collectible model horse from the story. These gift sets are perfect for all ages!

Books & Breyer Horses

Enjoy the story of Annie Bronn. Her passion for mustangs led to the Wild and Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act being passed. This Appaloosa model from the Freedom Series pairs perfectly with the book!

A childhood classic for many, Misty of Chincoteague has its own models. Misty and Stormy are a mare and foal set that accompany the book. Join them in this true story about the wild ponies off the Virginia coast.

Misty & Stormy – Models and Book Set, $46.99, Breyer

National Velvet is the remarkable story of 14-year-old Velvet Brown and her horse “The Pie”. Follow her adventures as she trains and rides in the Grand National!

A striking bay horse pairs with Marguerite Henry’s Justin Morgan Had a Horse. In this exciting story, Joel Goss trains a special colt who becomes the father of the famous American breed- the Morgan.

A best-selling novel, The Black Stallion is the tale of a boy and wild horse. Follow their adventures on a desert island.

There are other famous stories like Black Beauty, Snowman, and Wild Blue that have Breyer models. What a special gift they make!