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Your Favorite Game Day Snacks With A Healthy Twist


Your Favorite Game Day Snacks With A Healthy Twist Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday in a way that’s not going to add extra pounds to the scale or wreck your clean eating train for the new year. These game day snacks are a healthier version of your favorites without completely compromising taste. They’re just as delicious, just feature fewer calories and won’t leave you feeling completely bloated post-half time show.
Buffalo Quinoa Bites
Photo and recipe via The Iron You 
Instead of feasting on carb-laden, fried buffalo wings, try out these buffalo quinoa bites that are delicious and healthy for you. You’re getting in your favorite buffalo taste, as well as protein from the quinoa. Get the recipe here.


Healthy Spinach Dip
Photo and recipe via Simple Clean Fitness
If you can’t kick your love for spinach dip this Super Bowl Sunday, then at least try out this healthy version. It’s surprisingly easy to make and is made up of healthy ingredients that taste just as good. Get the recipe here.


Mini Bun-less Cheeseburgers
Photo and recipe via Sugar-Free Mom 
Cut the carbs and make these mini bun-less cheeseburgers. You can add healthy toppings as you like, but you’re already making a healthy step by cutting the buns. Get the recipe here.


Sweet Potato Bites with Bacon and Avocado
Photo and recipe via Well Plated 
Don’t even waste your time whipping up those calorie-laden potato skins. These sweet potato bites that are topped with crispy bacon and fresh avocado are all you need to satisfy your potato craving. Get the recipe here.


Skinny Mozzarella Sticks
Photo and recipe via Simple Green Moms
Sometimes you just can’t escape your craving for melted cheese. These skinny mozzarella sticks are healthier than your typical fried and breaded cheese stick. Find out what makes these mozzarella sticks skinny and guilt-free.Get the recipe here.

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