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Who doesn’t love when bright colors and sparkle fill up the night sky? There’s nothing like a good firework show on Fourth of July! But any horse owner can admit—fireworks can a little frightening for their equine companions! Even humans jolt at the boom of a firecracker! Here are the top tips to help make your horse most comfortable this Fourth of July so you both can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

1. Use Ear Plugs!

Try plugging your horses’s ears a few hours before the firework show! Using ear plugs will protect your horse’s eardrums. They can also prevent other injuries that could happen from reacting to the bright sights and loud noises! Search for some of the best horse ear plugs on the market here!

If you don’t want to invest in a fancy set of equine ear plugs, you can even use human noise blockers or even large cotton balls!

But be careful not to push the plugs too far your horse’s ear! Read about safely inserting them here! Be sure to watch this helpful tutorial here!

2. Check The Surroundings!

Regardless of the way you keep your horse contained—make sure their space is safe! Check to make sure there is no unnecessary objects or sharp points they can snag themselves on at the spook of a bang!

3. Stall Your Horse!

Avoid a barbed wire mess if you have your horse out in pasture and stick them into a safer space! Stalling your horse will prevent a strong flight response to the bright sky!

4. Add Extra Shavings/Footing!

If you’re keeping your horse in a stall or enclosed paddock, consider adding more cushion!

5. Put On Travel Boots!

If you’ve got a pair of travel or protective boots laying around—use them! They go to better use than sitting in your tack room. It’s better to be safe than sorry!