Photo by: CircusUnicorn on Etsy……

Dress up your horse with a striking feather accessory! These clip and tie beauties are perfect for shows, trail rides with friends, and photoshoots. They give your horse a dazzling and magical look. They come in all sorts of designs and colors. Pick the one that represents you most!

Feather Accessories

This gorgeous teal, purple, and white clip-in has tiny feathers in the front. The fabric weaves through your horse’s running braid for a stunning appearance.

Running Braid Mane Clip In, $25.99, CircusUnicorn

The earthy tones of this horse jewelry make it perfect for any occasion. It has wooden beads and a silver dreamcatcher gem.

Gemstone Dreamcatcher Hair Clip, $17.26, Equuspiritjewellery

With alligator clips that are easily hidden, these feathers look whimsical in your horse’s mane or tail. The soft pastel colors give them a unicorn vibe!

Pastel Rainbow Feather Clip, $6.75+, CircusUnicorn

A gold-toned concho, two pheasant feathers, blue agate beads, and seed beads complete this unique accessory. It would work well in any color mane!

Equine Jewelry, $25.00, ForeverButterflyArt

If you’re feeling crafty, you can also try making your own!