Big Feather Cuff, $12

The term, “light as a feather,” no longer applies to us. If you are referring to our jewelry collection, you may as well change the saying to, “friggin’ heavy and full of feathers.” Considering we are pretty well hoarding anything sterling silver that’s adorned with feathers. Jewelry designers are doing some crazy, amazing things with the feather shape. Wrap rings, detailed feather cuffs and necklaces paired with turquoise. No matter the form, it’s an easy going look and trendy as hell! 

Feather jewelry is typically perfect for layering and transitions to different types of styles, from bohemian chic to Native American inspired looks. If you fall anywhere in between those two options, consider adding one of these pieces to your collection. You won’t regret it! 

Feather Earrings, $38




White and Red Beaded Necklace, available at the Gunslinger of Bandera, $59



Royston Turquoise Silver Feather Ring, made by Appaloosa Designs, $103



Feather Pendants by Richard Schmidt Jewelry Design



Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Feather Stamped Bracelet, $160



Rebel Feather Earrings, $28



Large Turquoise Ring, made by Appaloosa Designs, $140



Camp Tonkawa Feather Necklace, $62



Metal Feather Studs, $25




Silver Plume and Turquoise Ring, $73.06