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Most horse owners have come across an impatient horse during feeding. They paw, pace, holler, and even rear in order to get their grain. In time, they develop a nasty habit that grows in intensity. Before you realize it, you have an aggressive and dangerous horse!

Feeding the Impatient Horse

Be prepared to put in the time and effort. Training horses isn’t always convenient, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Clinton Anderson shares a good strategy for combatting a rude, impatient horse.

To begin, you have to stop giving in to your horse’s demands. When they paw or pin their ears at you during feeding, they’re telling you to hurry up and give them the grain. So instead, put the grain in front of their stall door and leave. You can come back in an hour or two and feed when they’re calm and relaxed.

In time, your horse will realize they only get fed when they’re quiet and patient. You may have to do maintenance training every once in a while, but eventually they can eat when everyone else does.

Check out the theory in practice:

Before you know it, you’ll have a respectful horse!