Senior horses, usually those in their late teens and twenties, need a little extra attention in order to be healthy. You’ll notice weight loss and lack of energy if their nutritional needs are not being met. Older horses require feed and forage designed for their age.

Senior Feed

Seniors with weight loss issues will benefit from the extra fat and calories found in senior feeds. These types of grain are also high in fiber because it’s typical for older horses to struggle when consuming hay. They have more protein in them as well.

Easy keepers may continue to do good on a forage-based diet. A ration balancer can be added for overall health.

Forage for Your Aging Horse

Forage, such as hay and grass, should be the foundation of your horse’s diet. Senior horses may begin to struggle with their hay-based diet. In this case, cubed or chopped forage is a healthy alternative for those having trouble digesting regular hay. Additives like beet pulp and weight supplements can help maintain calories.

Fresh Water

Your older horse needs access to clean, fresh water at all times. In the winter, the water should be free of ice and warmed to a desirable temperature. Water can reduce your horse’s risk of colic, especially when they’re consuming hay.

When you begin noticing your aging horse struggling to maintain their weight, it is time to reconsider their diet. Senior feeds and quality forage can ensure a happy and healthy horse!

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