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Now that spring is here, you may start noticing more flies and insects around your barn. While warmer weather has a lot of perks, but bugs aren’t one of them! They can drive horses crazy: the stomping of hooves, swishing of tails, and shaking of heads. A good solution is a feed-through supplement!

Feed-Through Fly Supplements

1. Simplifly with Larvastop Fly Growth Regulator, $23.95+, Valley Vet

This supplement reduces fly populations by 97 to 100%. It prevents the development of stable flies and houseflies in the manure of treated horses. Larvastop breaks the life cycle of flies by preventing the larvae’s exoskeletons to form after they molt.

It’s best if you begin this supplement in the spring before insects start to appear.

2. SmartBug-Off® Ultra Pellets, $27.95+, SmartPak

With ingredients that deter biting insects, your horse can remain protected throughout summer. This supplement also promotes healthy skin and a normal inflammatory response. It’s tasty and can be used on one horse or the whole barn!

3. Solitude IGR, $26.95+, SmartPak

You can say goodbye to the fly population within 4-6 weeks of starting this supplement. It prevents the development of house and stable fly eggs. It’s safe and affordable! Every horse gets 1/2 oz no matter what their size or breed is.

The key to feed-through supplements is to start early! You can combine them with other measures like sheets, masks, and spray repellents. They’ll make your horse much more comfortable.