equine probiotics

When your horses feel great, they’re sure to perform at their best. Feeling great starts from within, and probiotics work to promote a healthy gut and digestive health- a necessity for any horse. We’ve found some of the best probiotics to keep your horses feeling and looking great!

Pre & Probiotic Syringe

Ramard Total Equine

$14.25 on Amazon

Providing your horse with quality probiotics and minerals has never been easier! This single-serving paste is great for picky eaters and a must-have for every trailer. Perfect for -providing extra digestive support during times of stress and travel.

Microbial Pack Probiotic


$34.15 on Amazon

Hop on the Fastrack to a healthy digestive system with this high-quality formula. Packed with important vitamins and minerals, this powered supplement is key to a healthy and happy horse!

Horse Treats for Digestion Support


$16.04 on Amazon

Even your pickiest of horses are sure to love this one! An apple-flavored treat, packed full of high-quality microbial probiotics- what more could you ask for?!

HealthyGut Probiotics

Equa Holistics

$27.95 on Amazon

Probiotics and prebiotics for continued digestive support and gut health for your whole herd! Simply add this powered supplement to your horse’s feed for maximum gut health.

Micro Encapsulated Probiotics

Silver Lining Herbs

$40.00 on Amazon

A healthy gut means a happy horse, and your horse deserves the best! These probiotics are high quality and packed with all the right minerals to ensure your horse is at the top of its game.

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