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We have all been there. Riding has lost its appeal, whether from frustration, finding the time, or just life in general. Our motivation just wasn’t what it was before.

It doesn’t always have to be like this though! It is just a part of the ups and downs of riding. It’s a slump. You can pull yourself back up though! Here’s how:

Take a trail ride

Sometimes, we place too much pressure on riding. When you look at it as something you have to do, then it feels more like a job. It loses the fun! Give yourself and your horse a break by enjoying a nice trail ride! Go back to why you enjoy riding in the first place- fun, relaxation, enjoyment… the list goes on!

Go to a clinic

Clinics are non-pressure situations where your horse and you can learn something new! It is not a competition, but rather an opportunity to take your horse somewhere new to try something new!

Take some lessons

If you do not already, it might be time to take some lessons with a trainer. Learning something new or finding help with your frustrations will take you and your horse out of your slump! If you already take lessons, maybe try a new trainer for one or two. Every trainer has a different approach. It could open your mind up to new experiences!

Take a break

This is a little contradictive to the above points. Sometimes, slumps tell us that we have been pushing too hard and it’s time to slow down. A step back will clear your head and give you the energy to start back up!

Ride a different horse

It could be you and your horse need a break, for at least one ride. Riding a different horse gives riders new perspectives. It takes your mind off of your own mount and lets you worry about another for a minute. You’ll be ready to rock and roll with a new outlook for your own horse!

Enter a competition

I cannot think of a more motivating factor than preparing to win a competition! There’s always a new pep to your step when you have a goal in mind!

Reevaluate your goals

It might be time to check in with your goals. Are you still passionate about what you and your horse are working towards? Are you pushing yourselves too hard? Ask yourself the tough questions to really grasp the why behind what you’re doing. It could just be a shift in goals to motivate yourself again!

Remember, cowgirls, it’s only a slump! You’ll get back to it!