In a world of male bronc riders, there are several ladies who have stepped up to the plate, wanting to represent women in the highly intense sport of bronc riding.

Throughout history, there have been a handful of ladies who stepped up to the plate to prove that they could ride with the best of them.

While there are not quite as many competition opportunities in the present day for female bronc riders, there are still tough ladies who have their heart set on getting on the backs of bucking horses.

One of these ladies is Brittany Miller, a tough cowgirl who is going to be featured in the new Ride TV series, Cowgirls.

To Brittany, competing in ranch bronc riding is something she looks forward to; getting on the back of a bucking horse is second nature to her.

Some women that compete in this sport do not go head to head against men, but Brittany has frequently competed against men, and stood her ground.

Check out this clip, that features Brittany, of Ride TV’s new series about the fearless women who compete in bronc riding.