"Cowgirl Magazine" - Female Farrier
"Cowgirl Magazine" - Female Farrier
PC: Steven Lilley @ Flickr

It’s not everyday you see a woman farrier. However, just because it isn’t common doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue your dream. Cowgirls, if your goal is to shoe horses, don’t be afraid to get a little dirt under your nails. Roughly 6% of full-time farriers are women and 10% are part-timers. Female farriers are finding lots of success in the industry, despite being the minority.

Farriers have the opportunity to make good money, operate their own business, and interact with horses all day long. The work is hard, but can be very fulfilling. To be successful in this career you can’t be afraid of long hours, back-breaking work, and dangerous horses.

Despite the common myth that you need super strength, most women farriers do just fine. It’s about technique and working with the horse. You can’t win a strength contest against a horse.

Nearly all women farriers don’t want to be seen just by their gender, they’d like to be treated based on their knowledge and skill sets. If you think this career is something you’d like to explore, check out a few horseshoeing schools and try to get an apprenticeship. Don’t be afraid to ask your current farrier questions!

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