Cowgirl - Festival Fashion PicksMusic festivals like SXSW and Coachella are upon us and if you dropped a ton of cash on tickets, you might be panicking about what you’re going to wear. Festival fashion has gotten huge (and somewhat robot like) over the past couple years. Girlfriend, if you love flower crowns and booty shorts, rock ‘em! But don’t wear that just because that’s what everyone else is wearing. March to the beat of your own drum on this one, y’all. Music festivals are the time to let your freak flag fly, or wear shit that you’d feel out of place wearing anywhere else. Trust me on this one. The more you wear what you want, the more confident you’ll be and the more confident you are, the more fun you’ll have, and that’s what festivals are all about! Well that and a whole lotta beer drinkin’ and badass music!

Don’t take this list of items as what you HAVE to wear, but get inspired by it and put your own cowgirl twist on it. You do you, sister!

Bohemia Off Shoulder Romper


Vintage Petite Naja Native American Necklace

Phoenix Belt