Fly Care

Ugh! Just as the days get warmer, bothersome flies and gnats are starting to come out. We can already feel their annoying presence in the air, and your horses hate them even more. Check out these easy and effective products that are sure to keep you and your horses happy and healthy this summer.

SimpliFly Feed-Thru Fly Control for Horses


$28.77 on Amazon

Why wouldn’t you stop flies before they could even become an issue? Stop fly growth now with this no mess or stress feed-thru formula. This formula works to kill larva before they can become a problem. Simply add this to your feeding routine and flies will be a worry of the past.

 Repel-X Ready to Use Fly Spray


$14.99 on Amazon

Must-have product alert! You never know when or where flies and mosquitos are going to be a problem. No matter where you go this summer, this spray repellent has you covered. For instant protection and relief from annoying, disease-carrying insects, this spray is a necessity for every barn and trailer.

Belly Salve

Farrier’s Wife

$18.95 on Amazon

Ahh, nothing like the sweet relief from annoying bug bites. Provide your horse with immediate comfort with this simple formula. Simply apply on their belly or other trouble areas for relief from the vexing flies and nats.

Leopard Fly Mask

Cashel Crusader 

$30.00 on Amazon

Who said fly protection had to be boring?? Keep your horse happy and stylish with this trendy, yet effective mask. High quality, high protection, and a hot pattern- what isn’t there to love!

SureFit Protective Fly Sheet


$189.95 on Amazon

Instant pest relief is here! With this full-body sheet, provide your horse with maximum coverage and protection wherever you may be this summer. Perfect for those muggy rodeo grounds and trailers this summer.

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