Sabrina Kramer has found healing through her ability to create vivid imagery out of air and tell stories without using words. A barrel racer, a soldier in the U.S. Army, a wife, mother, and friend to many, she is the main artist and owner of Wild Cactus Tack.

Kramer grew up unable to speak at the age of 5, an orphan to the drug epidemic, and labeled by doctors as a lost cause.

Through her cowgirl grit, love of horses, and personal faith, she soon found hope along the journey. After several tours overseas on the battlefield, she left active duty to focus on her metalsmith and leatherwork business.

Her unique life journey and the obstacles she has faced have inspired her to draw ideas from the world around her and bring them to life in each original piece of tack. Whether it’s the way you can see the cracks in the hoof of the bronc from years of feet stomping the dirt and the lines in the face of the old bull as he is carved into metal to adorn a headstall, her work offers a story that speaks for itself.

Check out more of her work at: Products – Wild Cactus Tack .