rib recipes

I’ll take good barbecue ribs any day of the week but there is something magical about a summer BBQ. Everyone has their favorite method for cooking up ribs – but you’ll want to give one of these rib recipes a try.

Recipe and photo by The Flavor Blender.

Go pick some fresh peaches and make these habanero and peach BBQ pork ribs.

Recipe and photo by Pretty Plain Janes.

There is something about soda in a BBQ sauce that everyone loves. Try these spicy (but not too spicy) Dr. Pepper ribs.

Recipe and photo by Fork Knife & Love.

Strawberry bourbon habanero ribs are sweet and spicy.

Recipe and photo by Foodie Story.

If you are looking for something unique – make spicy thai red curry pork ribs to impress your guests.

Recipe and photo by Boulder Locavore.

The slower cooker can be your best friend during hot weather, especially if you don’t have a grill. Slow cooker spicy baby back ribs with blackberry preserves use seasonal fruit.