Photos courtesy of The Fringed Hussie.……

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: you can never have too many hats! The Fringed Hussie has some stunning lids that will be great for any cowgirl’s closet! Jewel accents or burned designs add such a unique element and would definitely gain a lot of attention and compliments. Check out some of their designs and getcha one ordered!

Saguaros, thunderbirds, and REAL turquoise? Uh, YES PLEASE!

Make a statement with this vibrant red felt!

Hear that? One-of-a-kind hats because they are all hand drawn and burned designs!

More Southwestern designs with a velvet hat band? Stunning!

These hats will definitely be a stand-out piece in your collection!

Mix it up a little bit with this space vibe!

Loving the turquoise and silver accents!

Looking for even more cool lids? Here are some options!