Photos courtesy of @velvetbrumby Instagram……

Suzie Crooch, a.k.a. @velvetbrumby on Instagram, threw her baby girl the cutest party! Suzie said, “I had so much fun dreaming up ideas for her very first birthday. Honestly, I way outdid myself. I should’ve started small and built up to this kind of birthday because I am convinced I will never be able to throw a more spectacular birthday. Kidding. Kind of. I’m already wondering what next year will be like. It was important to me to throw her a memorable bash because my birthday falls on Christmas Eve and well….my birthdays were always shared with Christmas. I’m pretty adamant about partying hard every year on August 29th, that is until she tells me it’s N O T cool. (not looking forward to that)

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Did you ever see her maternity pictures from when she was pregnant with her sweet baby girl? They are SO cute!