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It’s too bad we can’t pack our horses or livestock in a little crate and carry them on board like most pets. Believe it or not, horses and livestock get to travel on their own airline. With specialized transport, have you ever wondered what the inside of their specialized plane looks like? Check it out with the Latigo Livestock Transportation Service

This service “provides livestock with a first class ticket across the Pacific.”

Horses are literally FedEx’d like a package!

Once the horses are packaged in their crates, they’re ready to be shipped!

From here, they are transported to board their flight!

The livestock crates are specially designed for the animals to ensure comfortable travels!

A plane is no trailer! Instead of a ramp to leading the livestock, the animals are loaded with a propeller! Pretty amazing right??

Horses even have their own flight attendants! The livestock managers have a big job while on board! They are constantly caring for the animals by offering them water, ensuring their safety, and providing feed. That type of service is pretty first-class!

Here’s a view from the inside of a horse stall! Needless to say, they don’t have much leg room!

But the animals are well taken care of on their flight so they can get to their final destination!

Horses aren’t the only animals to fly first class! So are llamas! It’s so interesting to see how the different types of animals are transported! Follow Latigo Livestock Air Transport on Facebook here to keep updated on the future travels of livestock!