Even though it’s merely mid Spring, we couldn’t resist sharing what Lucchese Bookmakers have up their sleeves for 2016. These designs will debut Fall/Winter of 2016. While that seems sooooo far away when the boots are this incredible, at least it gives you just enough time to start saving up! The new line features their same handmade goodness, with hand tooled features, fringe, charms and a few hair-on-hide selections. You can’t beat the sleekness of a Lucchese boot and knowing when you buy a pair, that they’re going to last a lifetime.



DESCRIPTION: Celeste is a stunning bootie with intricate details. This royal calf showstopper

boasts gorgeous, hand-tooled feather designs that span the front and fly off the back creating

a 3-D winged silhouette. Back zip. Leather sole. Handmade in Texas.