july first looks

july first looks


There’s no such thing as too much bling!  These outrageously fantastic leather items from Heritage Brand are quality–crafted, professional–grade tack sets that perform well—and look even better!

Heritage Brand
Heritage Brand is a family owned and operated enterprise with a uniquely vivid design vision for custom tack and leather items. The high quality pieces include bejeweled headstalls and breast collars, one-of-a-kind nose bands, tie-downs and halters, and heirloom quality spur straps, belts and buckles. Every order is hand-crafted to the customer’s specifications, from the color of the leather down to the placement of each crystal and concho.

Heritage Brand Breast Collars

1. Matisse breast collar black gator, ruby, rose gold and jet with antique copper, $515, 2. Matisse breast collar chocolate and turquoise Aztec print hide with antique copper, $290, 3. Picasso breast collar, white gator, blue zircon and clear with antique silver, $450, heritagebrand.com

Heritage Brand Spur Straps

Top: Copper and turquoise Aztec hide with antique copper, $450, heritagebrand.com

Below: Turquoise gator, clear AB crystals with antique copper, $170, heritagebrand.com