Modcloth & Wrangler create fashion magic together in this one of a kind collaboration!

What do you get when you mash up the American heritage of Wrangler Denim with Modcloth’s unique style? A match made in “denim” and a 70’s-inspired 7-PIECE capsule collection full of current-day character.

Pictured above: Wrangler Radiant Ringer T-Shirt in Rainbow or Blue, $34.99, Wrangler Dependable Denim Skirt, $69.99, Wrangler Flared Finesse Jeans, $89.99, Wrangler Dependable Denim Jacket, $79.99, Wrangler Straight-Leg Sass Jeans, $89.99, Wrangler Wide-Leg Whim Jeans, $89.99,