You may be nervous and excited for your pregnant mare. Whether this is your first foal or twentieth, you’re likely to experience a rush of emotions as you wait for this new arrival. The first 24 hours of their life is critical, so enjoy it but be cautious and prepared for anything.

First 24 Hours of a Foal’s Life

10-20 minutes after delivery– Your mare will rest for this short period of time. The foal will take their first few breaths and open their eyes.

30 minutes– The mare will stand and lick her baby. This time is critical for bonding. They will learn each other’s scent and sounds.

60 minutes– The youngster will try to stand on their own. Most foals are standing within 40-60 minutes after birth.

2-3 hours– It’s time to nurse. The little one will make their way to your mare’s udder, sometimes with her assistance. Colostrum will be the first milk your foal ingests. It’s great for their immune system!

Throughout the day– During the first 24 hours, your mare and foal will bond very closely. They will be glued to each other.

A young horse spends its days playing, eating, and sleeping. They can be a real joy to watch, especially as they develop and their personality begins to shine.

Enjoy their wild foal and his first moments of life: