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Trafalgar Square Books consistently releases outstanding equestrian material and Fit & Focused in 52:  The Rider’s Weekly Mind-and-Body Training Companion is no exception.  Daniel Stewart, a seasoned professional in the art of training riders of all levels throughout the world, has created a fitness program that will improve horsemanship and improve one’s health.  It features a comprehensive workout plan for every week of the year.  Some of the equestrian inspired exercises Coach Stewart introduces are canter crunches, bucket planks, and trot pole squats. 

Before readers reach the exercise portion of the book they’ll learn how to prepare themselves, body and mind, for the workout to come.  Stewart helps to build core strength, stamina, and balance.  The well-known coach insists that “only when your physical and mental abilities come together–when brain and body meet, and your frame and frame of mind become one–are you really able to try tap into your inner greatness.”

In addition to the weekly exercises and the proper instruction on how to execute those exercises, Fit & Focused in 52 is filled with facts to keep you focused, positive reinforcement notes, and tips for maintaining good posture throughout the fitness journey.  This book is incredibly easy to use, organized very well, and has pictures to accompany each exercise. Descriptions of each exercise are well written and easy to understand

The end goal of following the Fit and Focused in 52 program is to attain a full-on fitness that ensures improved performance on horseback, whatever your age, ability, or discipline.

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Reviewed by Chris Enss, COWGIRL Book Editor, and a New York Times Best-selling author who writes about women of the Old West. 

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