As a rider, you need to invest yourself in a workout program that will improve your fitness. Riding in itself is a great exercise, but you should also be engaging your body out of the saddle. Your core, leg muscles, flexibility, balance, and endurance are just some of the areas that can be worked outside the barn.

Many fitness exercises can be done right in your living room on a yoga mat! You should also consider cardio workouts, such as jogging or power walking. This will help develop stamina and endurance in the saddle. Furthermore, yoga is great for de-stressing and increasing your flexibility and balance.

With so many fitness options, it can be hard to know where to start! In this guide, you’ll focus on your legs, core, and back. I think we can all agree that these muscle groups are used intensely in riding.

Watch this video for a handful of workout exercises designed for equestrians:

Nutrition is just as important as fitness and exercising. Fuel your body with the right food sources, so you can plow through barn work! Check out The Keto Cowgirl: The Perfect Diet For Those With A Busy Barn Schedule for some tips and ideas!