Equine Electrolytes

Hot temps and high humidity – a combination your horses hate! Keeping your horses hydrated in this heat is key to their health and performance, especially on the road. Just like people, horses need vitamins and minerals for proper hydration. We’ve found some of the best electrolytes to keep your horses hydrated and healthy this summer!

Apple Elite Electrolyte for Horses


$15.99 on Amazon

Hydration that will feel and taste great for any horse! Simply add this yummy, apple-flavored powder into your horse’s daily grain for consistent and impactful vitamin replacement.

Summer Games Electrolyte

Kentucky Performance Prod

$120.49 on Amazon

Designed with your performance horse in mind, these electrolytes are perfect for replacing nutrients lost through sweat. Add this electrolyte powder to your horse’s grain for instant nutrition and re-hydration!

Electrolyte Paste

Redmond Equine

$13.99 on Amazon

The perfect solution to all your dehydration needs! Is your horse feeling sluggish, dehydrated, or simply not drinking enough water? This easy-to-administer oral paste is sure to provide maximum hydration at a moment’s notice.

Electro-Plex Electrolyte Paste


$9.75 0n Amazon

A must-have for every trailer and tack room! This oral paste provides maximum support and recovery for performance horses. Perfect for recovering from even the longest, hottest, most sweaty days.

Apple-Dex Apple Flavored Electrolytes


$19.06 on Amazon

Just like people, horses can be picky about the water they drink. Don’t let your picky drinker suffer from dehydration in new conditions. This apple-flavored powder encourages hydration and provides the necessary vitamins and minerals.

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