You can never have too many bits! With so many options, finding the perfect barrel racing bit can be challenging. We’ve found a few fan favorites and must-have staples to keep your tack room stocked with all the best bits.

Josey-Mitchell Skinny Arch Short Lifter


$59.99 on Amazon

Are down barrels and dropped shoulders a constant problem for you and your horse? End the frustration with this helpful bit. Working to keep your horse’s shoulder lifted, this bit gives you more control at the ribcage and works to create snappier turns.

Diamond Short Shank Twisted Dogbone Bit

Classic Equine

$89.99 on Amazon

This bit is ideal for horses with light mouths and to encourage lifting going into turns. This lightweight bit is ideal for younger horses and slow working, making it a must-have for every barrel racer’s tack room!

The Brittany Pozzi Collection by Equine Three Piece Twisted Wire Bit 

Professional’s Choice

$84.99 on Amazon

Designed by world champion Brittany Pozzi, this bit provides the perfect level of control with a medium-length shank. Designed to create more flexibility and lift, making this bit the perfect all-around fit.

Josey Million Dollar Bit 


$64.99 on Amazon

This three-piece twisted dogbone snaffle is perfect for that horse needing a little bit more control and support, without limiting its flexibility. A true solution for many horses!

Futurity 6.5″ 3 Piece Twist

Professional’s Choice

$51.18 on Amazon

Designed for young horses, this bit is perfect for training and for softer-mouthed horses. A must-have for any young horse or training session!

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