Calling all ropers, we’ve got the bits for you! Finding the perfect bit for your rope horse can be challenging and the combinations are endless. Don’t stress, we’ve rounded up a few of our most reliable roping bits!

Tyler Magnus Series Loose Ring Port

Cowboy Tack

$114.99 on Amazon

This Tyler Magnus Series of Bits is one every team roper will want to have in their arsenal! This bit has a little more “bite” than others, giving you the ultimate control to lead you and your equine partner to success in and out of the arena.

Rickey Green Spoon Bit with Copper Roller

Classic Rope Company

$69.99 on Amazon

Designed by the legendary team roper Rickey Green, this bit is a must-have for every tack room. The unique mouthpiece provides ropers with the perfect level of control!

Floral Scroll Tool Box Straight Shank 

Classic Equine

$99.99 on Amazon

This straight shank bit is a horseman’s go-to! Perfect for correcting a horse’s poll position and softening its mouth, this is definitely one you’ll wanna keep around!

All Around Snaffle 7 1/4in. Cheek 5in. Mouth Piece


$57.16 on Amazon

This bit was made with all horses and riders in mind! This classic snaffle has an elevated copper look and is the perfect bit to add to your collection!

Tyler Magnus Series Ported Link

Cowboy Tack

$109.99 on Amazon

How pretty is this piece! With four moving parts to this bit, both shanks move as well as the port moves where it is linked together. This gives the rider the ability to apply pressure on a specific spot while putting less pressure on another. Making it the perfect bit for your next run!

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