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I personally do not think that Arabian horses need any special introduction, as even non horse people know that Arabians are one of the most popular horse breeds in the world, due to their incredible athleticism and superior intellect.

As I mentioned above, this phenomenal breed is as athletic as they come! Show jumping, dressage, pleasure classes, trail, ranch riding, and reining are just a few of the sports that Arabian horses excel in.

Obviously, Arabians are universally well known due to their dominance in the show ring, but I decided it would still be a great idea to make a list of fun facts about the Arabian horse breed. Comment below, upon finishing the article, if you learned something new!

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1) Arabians are known as the world’s oldest horse breed:

While there is still some mystery surrounding the origin of this breed, the Arabian horse has a history that spans over 5,000 years!

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2) The Arabian horse has a different skeletal structure from other horse breeds:

While most horses have eighteen pairs of ribs, Arabians only have seventeen.

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3) This breed has had a famous history:

The Arabian horse has had many famous riders, including George Washington, who rode a half-Arabian as one of his mounts during the American Revolutionary War.

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4) The most common Arabian color is bay:

The majority of Arabian horses are bay; other common colors include chestnut, black and roan.

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5) A horse of the people:

While famed for their athletic ability and intelligence, Arabians are also known for being great family horses, which is why so many children begin riding and showing on Arabians or half-Arabians.