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Photo courtesy of worldphotozone.com.
With a history that can be traced back hundreds and hundreds of years, the Andalusian is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Treasured in the past for their ability to perform as a war horse, Andalusians have evolved into much more overtime. Check out these informative facts about the fascinating Andalusian horse.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
1) Speaking of history that can be traced back hundreds of years, how does 20,000 BC sound? Andalusians have certainly been around since the 16th century, but some argue that since the bloodlines of this breed can be traced back to the Sorraia horse, that the breed has actually been around since as early as 20,000 BC.
Photo courtesy of erahc.org.
2) Andalusians are versatile: These horses excel in dressage, but they also are great for trail riding or light ranch work.
Photo courtesy of romeacrosseurope.com.
3) This breed was given as a royal gift: In a tradition that I believe should still be happening to this day, kings in Europe would gift one another with Andalusian horses to secure good relations with other countries.
Photo courtesy of warmblood-Sales.com.
4) These horses are worth their weight in gold: These horses might be pricy, but they are quick learners, highly aware, and have a good temperament when trained correctly.
Photo courtesy of Cinderella film.
5) This breed is known as a movie star: Andalusians have made appearances in hundreds of movies, including the live action remake of Cinderella, starring Lily James.