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The Morgan horse is one of the most awe-inspiring horse breeds in the world, due to their wit, durability and power.

I have always been fascinated by Morgans, because while they are well loved and popular, they often have been blocked from the limelight by breeds such as the American Quarter Horse, and thus, have an air of mystery that still surrounds them.

Regardless of if you have a connection to Morgans are not, you’ll enjoy this blog of fun and informative facts about this fascinating breed of horse.

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1) The Morgan horse has been highly influential in the development of other horses:

Morgan horses are responsible for the development of popular breeds, such as the Quarter Horse and Tennessee Walking Horse.

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2) Morgan horses can be gaited:

While uncommon, there are some Morgans that are gaited; this trait is found within all families of the Morgan breed and is not connected to a specific bloodline.

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3) This breed is known to be extraordinarily talented:

These horses can do it all! The owners of Morgan horses use them for a variety of purposes, including dressage, show jumping, endurance riding, driving, and racing.

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4) Morgans have an above average lifespan:

There are many Morgans who enjoy a lifespan, if properly taken care of and no uncontrollable issues occur, of 30 plus years.

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5) The Morgan horse has been a favorite in battles, such as the Civil War:

Morgans, as stated above, are highly versatile, versatile enough to be a favorite in the Civil War due to their superior strength and smarts.

If you’d like to learn more about Morgans, please visit the website of the American Morgan Horse Association,