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The Percheron, a fascinating breed of draft horse, is the perfect combination of strength, beauty, and grace, effortlessly capturing the attention of anyone whose path they cross.

While not as common in the United States as other horse breeds that I have covered in previous blogs, Percheron horses are likely to be more familiar to you than you realize, especially if you have ever been to Disney.

Let’s learn some fun facts about this beautiful breed!

Photo courtesy of Eaglesfield Percherons.

1) Percheron horses are highly versatile:

While this breed is predominantly used as a draft horse and in driving classes at shows, Percheron horses also excel within the logging industry, and some are also talented jumpers.

Photo courtesy of Simply Marvelous Horse World.

2) This breed most often comes in two colors, but other color variations exist:

The horses that belong to this breed are almost always, but not limited to, either grey or black.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.

3) Percheron horses are known for their height:

This should come as no surprise, but it’s not unheard of for a Percheron to reach the height of 19 hands.

Photo courtesy of Stacie C. Lynch Photography.

4) Don’t box these horses in:

These large horses need lots of time to move around outside of a stall. If you own a Percheron, it is wise to give them plenty of pasture time each day.

Photo courtesy of Disney Parks.

5) As mentioned previously, if you’ve ever been to Disney, you’ve probably seen a Percheron:

Percheron horses are used to pull carriages at Disney!

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