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Developed in Iceland, the Icelandic horse is quite a unique breed. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also known as a five-gaited horse. They have two additional gaits compared to your average horse. Icelandics are used for pleasure riding, competing, and even racing. They’re very versatile!

Gaits of Icelandic Horses

The breed has the typical gaits of walk, trot, and canter/gallop. The breed registries consider the canter and gallop to be one gait. Their other two gaits are the tölt and flying pace.

The tölt is a four-beat lateral gait. It’s very smooth because there’s no suspension between strides. The horse lifts their shoulders and carries more weight on their hindquarters as they move.

On the other hand, the flying pace is a two-beat lateral movement. This gait does have suspension. It’s very fast and often used in racing short distances. While not every Icelandic can do this gait, the most prized ones can.

The Horses of Iceland offers a visual of each gait in action. Check it out!

Have you seen anything so incredible? This breed is one to notice. They’re something special!