Spring Hoof Care

Yuck, the mud! They say April showers bring May flowers, but what they didn’t tell you is how tough the mud can be on your horse’s body. Check out five of COWGIRL’s favorite products to protect your horse’s hooves and feet in the mud.

Hoof Soak


$19.99 on Amazon

The Vetericyn Hoof Soak works to prevent abscesses and foot rot from occurring. Prevention is key to keeping your horse feeling and moving great! When faced with gross, muddy conditions turn to this soak as the first line of defense against contaminants that causes lameness.

Hoof Gel


$35.99 on Amazon

If you’ve ever lifted a horse’s foot in the mud, you know how soft and tender the soles are. The simple application of Keratex Hoof Gel prevents softening of the hoof in wet, muddy conditions. Furthermore, this gel works to preserve moisture in the hoof at an optimum level, regardless of environmental conditions.

Mineral Medix Natural Hoof Dressing

Equine One

$38.49 on Amazon

As hard as owners try to protect their horses, thrush, abscesses, and hoof cracks are sometimes inevitable! We know how frustrating it can be. Thankfully, Mineral Medix Equine One Natural Hoof Dressing is here to help. This all-natural dressing works to stop bacteria in their tracks and creates a healthy hoof environment.

Fungasol Ointment


$13.89 on Amazon

In comes the rain, warmer weather, and the inevitable fungus. Springtime is known for being the season of skin fungi that cause pain and discomfort to horses. Rain rot, girth itch, and bacteria growth are often seen on horses’ coats during this time of year and can be simply treated with Absorbine Fungasol Ointment.

 M-T-G Skin Healing and Hair Growth Skin Treatment


$21.60 on Amazon

Nothing is worse than walking outside and realizing your horse’s gorgeous, long mane and tail have been rubbed out and destroyed. Itchy skin can be caused by numerous fungal and environmental causes, all of them equally frustrating for the owner. No need to stress, the next time your horse rubs its hair, this product has your back!

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