If you could add a supplement to your horse’s regimen to encourage recovery and performance, why wouldn’t you?! The supplement world can seem daunting, but thankfully we’ve narrowed the field down to five of our favorite recovery supplements for maximum recovery.

Horse XL Supplement


$99.99 on Amazon

Equinety works to target a horse’s individual hormone receptors with various amino acids and aid in the overall health and recovery of each horse’s individual needs- making it every horse’s new BFF! A must have!

Hemp Seed Oil-Coconut Oil – All Natural Herbal Oil

 Silver Lining Herbs

All natural and so easy to slip into your horses supplements! Reduce inflammation and improve recovery time with this all-around oil. The perfect addition for your whole herd!

Total Topline Powder


$84.95 on Amazon

Help your horse look and feel their best with this muscle repair and development powder. The perfect addition for any performance horse or horse just needs a little extra TLC!

Electro-Plex Electrolyte Paste 


$9.47 on Amazon

Quick recovery starts with proper hydration, and this handy tube is a must-have. These electrolytes are handy to have anywhere, and perfect for making sure your horse is staying hydrated and feeling its best.

 Equine BlueLite Pellets


$77.04 on Amazon

This unique blend of essential vitamins and minerals is perfect for providing hydration when your horse needs it most. Insure your horse has consistent support with these feed-through pellets.

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