Gray horses are stunning beauties! You can spot this color in many different breeds, but a few popular ones include Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Andalusians, Welsh Ponies, and Percherons. Gray coats are unique because as the horse gets older, the shade will lighten. Your young horse could look completely different as a senior! Here are some common variations of gray:

1. Dapple Gray

One of my favorites! Usually known as the middle stage from 4 to 12 years of age, the dapple gray horse will have white markings on darker patches. The trait is desirable by many horse owners.

2. Steel Gray

This type of gray almost has a blueish tint. It is a sign that the horse is younger and indicates an early-on graying process. The base color is black.

3. Rose Gray

The medium gray hairs are tinted red in this shade. The horse usually has a bay or chestnut base color. Be careful not to mistake this color for a red roan!

4. Fleabitten Gray

This unique pattern has speckles of black or brown hair throughout a lighter base. They can change over time, or even appear later on in life. This type is actually more rare compared to regular grays.

5. Light Gray

Many novices mistake this color for being white. The light gray horse usually has dark markings around the nose and eyes. In some cases, this shade is the final stage for a mature, older horse.

Now that you have learned the many shades of gray, it’s time to put your skills to the test! Find all of the gray horses in your barn and decide what shade they are.