Many of them have been at the game longer than we have, and have aged like fine wine. Senior horses are valuable assets and some of the most important members of your family. Give back to them with these superior senior care products.

Weight Accelerator for Senior Horses


$26.99 on Amazon

As horses get older, they often struggle to meet the nutrient levels they need and can’t keep on the weight. This simple supplement is high in fatty acids an easy solution to this common issue!

3-1 Joint, Hoof, and Coat Care Supplement

Horse Health Products

$65.99 on Amazon

Gone are the days of dull, rough coats, cracked hooves, and stiff joints! Don’t let your seasoned-pro show their age with this 3-1 supplement. Cover all the necessities for a happy and healthy body with this feed-through supplement.

Joint Support Wafers for Performance Horses


$33.99 on Amazon

This one is for the performance horses that are showing yet another youngster the ropes, or the seasoned pro that isn’t ready for retirement yet. Even horses at the top of their game deserve extra joint care and this soft and yummy wafer is a great way to provide extra joint support.

Probiotic and Digestive Support Soft Chew


$12.99 on Amazon

Preventing and managing digestive issues is crucial for any healthy horse, especially for senior horses. Older horses can struggle with digestion and immunity, but these chews are sure to make sure they’re getting the most out of their feed!

Air-Way EQ Lung Supplement

Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals

$66.45 on Amazon

Hay, dust, and allergies can cause any horse to cough, but they can really bug your older horses. Keep their lungs feeling their best with this simple feed-through formula. Proper respirator function has never been so easy-breezy!

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