Ahh, Spring, the sun is finally shining and many are out traveling to rodeos, jackpots, and other horse events. Unfortunately, this means viruses are also immerging from the frozen ground and attacking horses with vulnerable immune systems. While practicing smart biosecurity is often the best line of defense, we also rounded up five of our favorite immune-boosting supplements.

 24 Equine Immune Support

Silver Lining Herbs

$298.00 on Amazon

With all that we throw at our horses today, their immune systems can easily become overwhelmed by stress. This supplement supports the immune system, which supports the overall health of all body systems. This 300-day supply is perfect for keeping your horse happy and healthy!

Horse XL


$99.99 on Amazon

This product is about to be you and your horse’s new BFF. This supplement brings health and recovery to all areas of the body at a hormonal level. Meaning, your horse will look, feel and perform at its best.

Non-GMO 100% Natural Rosehip Horse Immunity Supplement

Back On Track

$40.00 on Amazon

All natural and all things good for your horse’s immune system! Rosehip works to improve your horse’s digestive system and boost its overall immunity. A must-have to add to any feeding routine!

Elevate Maintenance Powder Supplement

Kentucky Performance Products

$52.99 on Amazon

This powdered supplement is easy to add to any feed and provides a high-quality vitamin and mineral blend to boost your horse’s immune system. Improve your horse’s overall health with one simple product!

Grow Colt Supplement


$38.49 on Amazon

Calling all colt owners! Protect your young one’s immunity systems when they are most vulnerable by providing quality overall nutrition. This supplement insures their body is properly developing, putting less stress on the immune system. A win-win!

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