Weddings with cowboy boots, horses, horseshoes and hay are a must for a cowgirl! I have covered these topics so far with a lot more inspiration to share. Having a horse in your wedding or wedding photos is nice, but what about adding flowers? I say it’s a do and a simple way to elevate any photo or memory.

Enjoy some more whimsical inspiration.

Try adding alternating braids with a few roses for a soft and romantic capture.

Top two photos by Raquel Lynn via Horses & Heels.

I love the flowers and appreciate the hard work that went into the making of this floral wreath.

Photo by Vicki Grafton Photography via Burnett’s Boards.

Braid the top of your horse’s tail and stick in some pretty daisies or your favorite flower.

Photo found on Pinterest, original source unknown (tell us if you are the photographer).

Here is another example of a gorgeous floral wreath around the neck.

Photo via Burnett’s Boards.

This pretty pony has strands of flowers in the mane and forelock.

Photo via Loverly.

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