There’s nothing better than spring colors in the barn. Every cowgirl knows how much fun it is to dress her horse up in some new tack. If you’ve been planning a saddle pad purchase, now’s your chance to add a splash of color. Find a way to break out of winter by adding some flowers to you and your horse’s life!

Pictured above: Blue Acrid Wash Tod Slone Pad, $307; The Rowdy Rose.

The purple flower in the back corner is a nice accent to this blue and grey saddle pad. The pad is cut out in the front to reduce pressure on your horse’s back. Practical and stylish!


Floral and Fringe Tod Slone Pad, $342; The Rowdy Rose.

Wild colors and sassy fringe make this pad a great addition to the tack room. Who doesn’t love the deep purples, teals, and earthy greens?

Grey Floral Tod Slone Pad, $307; The Rowdy Rose.

I love the grey and blue! You also can’t help but notice the red accents. All of the pads are 100% wool to ensure extra comfort for your horse.

Party Tod Slone Black Pad, $420; The Rowdy Rose.

This pad is definitely one of my favorites! It’s got fringe, a pop out flower, and unique colors. It really stands out, but in a good way.

Can you imagine one of these saddle pads on your horse’s back? Shaking off winter and soaking up spring has never been so much fun!