Flower Remedies

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Ease your horse’s nerves and anxiety with wild flowers.
Why not treat your horse with something all natural and safe? Discovered by Dr. Bach in the 1920s, flower remedies restore the mind and body balance. Wild flowers can help ease tension from previous experiences, fear, and trauma. They soothe your horse’s mind, so the body can heal itself. They’re safe for riders and their horses.
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Bach Flower Remedies, starting at $15.00; Directly From Nature

When treating your horse with flower remedies, several may be used together. The remedy can be administered directly into the horse’s mouth and through water or a small treat.

Common Remedies:

Aspen – fearful and spooky Centaury – timid or passive Cerato – lack of self confidence Heather – pacing and destructive Larch – lack of self confidence Rock Rose – panic or fear of noise (ie, clippers or the farrier) Scleranthus – mood swings and imbalances Sweet Chestnut – mental anguish White Chestnut – anxiety and restlessness There are many more amazing remedies that can heal and ease your horse’s mind. The famous Rescue Remedy is an all-purpose comforter. Others include Cherry Plum and Mimulus.
***Consult an equine veterinarian before use***